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Oops Bags

Oops Bags

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In an effort to reduce waste, I have created some oops bags for everyone to enjoy! Oops bags contain versions of my current inventory with minor imperfections but are perfectly able to be used. These imperfections include but are not limited to:
- test prints
- miscuts
- wrong colors

** NOTE** Buying multiple Oops Bags can result in repeat items. Buy at your own risk!

Oops bags options:
Each bag contains a RANDOMIZED selections of the following items. No two bags will be alike.

Super bags:
• 2 regular sized art prints (approx. 5x5 in)
• 1 full sized sticker sheet
• 1 mini print
• 1 mini sticker sheet
• 3 vinyl stickers

Art bags:
• 3 regular sized Art prints (approx. 5x5 in)

Vinyl stickers:
• 3 vinyl stickers
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